EDERA is your real-time rendering engine

3Dera® is the framework that allows you to integrate a 3D project in mobile and web applications. Easy as that.


of users would like to be able to see a product in 3D


is the purchase trend for customers that were involved in interactive experiences


of users are willing to spend more if they can see the product in 3D


less of returned products for goods presented with a 3D configurator


for developing real-time 3D apps with 3Dera®

Do you want to see the benefits of 3D real-time?


The easy way to manage 3D content

  • 3Dera® can be integrated with just a few lines of code
  • 3Dera® features ready-to-use presets for the most common scenarios, such as for e-commerce platform products
  • 3Dera® is optimized for both desktop and mobile apps
  • 3Dera® does not need previous mathematical knowledge to be used
  • 3Dera® manages autonomously and transparently all hardware resources, including memory usage

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3Dera® commercial use cases

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Curious about 3Dera®?

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We are over 50 specialists who shared a long working path, providing computer solutions and services to improve business approach.

The added value of the software created by Kedos is grounded in a process, platform, and component library base that have been developed through time, and are constantly improved and integrated.

With 3Dera® we step into the world of 3D real-time rendering, and we provide a ready-to-use solution to integrate 3D content in desktop and mobile Web applications.


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